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What is A&A

The A&A firm is dedicated exclusively to the legal settlement of inheritances, and Wealth Transfer.

We take care to give any inheritance or transfer of wealth solution to customer delivery of the goods to be awarded under the concept INHERITANCE IN HAND.

The geographic dispersion of families, or property interests, come to greatly hamper efforts to convert the heirs or owners legitimate rights holders.

From this office, effective, fast and excellent solution gives management an inheritance, or assets. You reach the necessary documentation to convert the heir to the owner of their property or rights, making all tax, notary, registry or judicial proceedings to put the goods available to the heir without this requiring a single movement, handing over his inheritance money if that was his final wish.

Similarly, any heritage can be transmitted and intervene in the operations of sale, donation, transfer, creation of security rights, guarantees, etc. under the concept “in hand”, which will involve performing any procedure to put available to customers the value of that asset or right.

From this office the right service is offered to solve all customer needs in an inheritance or heritage, and we have tax experts, administrative managers, notaries, appraisers and financial institutions that allow us to offer the best market outcome.

There are international connections of the Office for cases with implications for other countries, as is now common, existing real estate in countries of the European Union or others, or -patrimoniales commercial interests such as shares in foreign companies, contracts with companies foreign.