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Our Firm

Mrs. Arantxa Cagigal Casquero

Practicing lawyer since 1995, he graduated in law from the University of Salamanca. Master in European Communities by the University of Amsterdam and Master in Legal Practice, is also a specialist in International Private Law.

Mr. Pedro del Barco

Law degree from the University of León, with professional experience since 1994. Master in Business Law from the University of Paris and Master in Legal Practice, practicing law since 2000. He is a member of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Paris and Member of the French Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona and Madrid.

Office in France

Office collaborator in Paris.
Office collaborator in Montpellier.
Specialized in the process of inheritance and transmission of heritage.

Highly qualified team

Team of SALAMANCA UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS, NOTARIES, TAX INSPECTORS, REAL ESTATE COMPANIES. We work with Chambers of Commerce, Consulates, associations …

ARANZAZU ABOGADOS is made up by lawyer Mrs. Cagigal Casquero, and the lawyer Mr. Del Barco Rodrigo, which they have more than 20 years of experience in the practice of law at the national and international levels. We have offices in Madrid, Barcelona Montpellier and Paris.

We have a highly qualified tax status, and civil team, collaborating to this report Law Professors at the University of Salamanca, tax inspectors, auditors, real estate companies, appraisers, notaries and Chambers of Commerce.

Also, the firm has offices throughout the European Union, the United States and Argentina and Bolivia, and the working languages with Spanish, English and French.

The process of managing a LEGACY begins with knowledge of the death of a relative or close friend, whose goods can have legitimate right by inheritance.

From that moment begins the process of inheritance, which consist in the fact of death, place and date of death, to get the death certificate. We ask certificate of ownership wills and insurance, to locate the will in force, or if there was, to begin efforts to make the declaration of heirs.

We take care of getting the certificates of birth, death and marriage of the heirs, certificates of property owned by the deceased and from knowing the assets of the estate, we try to manage it with the other heirs, performing the necessary work MEDIATION WITH THE HEIRS, to achieve the necessary agreements to avoid dispersal of assets or family businesses. All these efforts are directed to the heirs receive the good that corresponds to its value or without his personal intervention, that is covered by a INHERITANCES SPECIAL POWER to be granted before a Notary necessary.

If you have a property to sell, lease, donate, give, make, create or manage, we’ll take care of solving your proposal. Any operation on your property will require a previous study on the actual state of charge, and the property or right (if shares or shares in corporations). We’ll take care of the efforts of negotiation of the sale, drafting of contracts, deeds, tax settlement, and registration, putting their hands on the value of goods.

If you want to purchase a good or right, in the same way intervene until you do with your title, and if you try to businesses, Due Diligence will be made mandatory to avoid unpleasant surprises.

ARANZAZU ABOGADOS develops the services offered from a protocol that generates confidence and security to the customer at all times of the process. custom detailed sheet will be made at the time of hiring the services of the firm, in which the fees for such services shall be agreed, and funding will be required. It will be informed on the data sheet Custom necessary documentation to start the execution of the work, to be received against supporting document.

The customer will know at any time the status of processing of the application requesting by email, which will respond within 24 hours and any supporting documentation of the steps taken customer by email at the same time be sent.